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Integral USA

Integral USA


Your vehicle is your second home. Second to your home, it’s likely that your vehicle is your largest asset and where you spend most of your time.
Like your home, it needs to be protected,
organized, and comfortable.

The Problem


After Jake established product-market fit for his brand Integral USA, one thing became very clear. His customers were not the rugged male that spent most of his time outdoors. His customers were actually the everyday families that are running from the supermarket, to work, to the kids soccer practice. His initial brand identity was not targeting this ideal customer. Jake understood it was time to make the investment to rebrand and create an image that his target audience could connect with. 


The Solution


The Altus Team set out to develop a fresh, bold and fun brand identity that was family-oriented and more approachable. The result was a full brand scalable brand identity, which included custom iconography, custom patterns that would allow Jake to apply the brand identity to various brand touch-points such was packaging, social media assets, website and more.


Brand Presentation



Visual Style


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